Data, calls & text when you travel in the UK

TravelSIM® works great in the UK
with a low rate of 25¢ MB/min/text

TravelSIM - Data, calls & text when you travel

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Why Choose TravelSIM®

Great rates

Save with our low rates
from 25¢ mb/min/text

customer service

24/7 Australia-based
customer service

One Australian number

Keep it simple with one Aussie number
wherever you travel

Prepaid control

Only pay for what you need
and avoid bill shock

FREE texts between TravelSIM® numbers

Save with FREE text messages between TravelSIM® numbers, anywhere in the world

FREE smartphone app

Stay in control with instant access
to check your balance and recharge

Coverage & Rates

Our Top Destinations

25c/min/text with data packs available
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Greece
  • Austria
  • Croatia
  • Ireland
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Africa
  • World


Make a call
N/A per minute
Receive a call
N/A per minute
Send SMS
N/A per text
Receive SMS
Texts between TravelSIM® numbers
N/A per MB
Unfortunately we don't have coverage in ?? at this time.

European Data Packs available

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Customer Reviews

  • An absolute pleasure!

    As always, dealing with the TravelSIM team was an absolute pleasure! Thank you for always being professional and efficient. I recommend TravelSIM to all my friends.

    by Julie A

  • Made communications very easy

    Thanks for your help with our group TravelSIMs. It certainly made communications very easy, and we really appreciated the provision of numbers by your staff. The next tour will be in 2020 and the school will definitely be looking to use your company again.

    by Helen B

  • I love the product

    Travelled to Hawaii with a TravelSIM. Spent $50, travelling 5 days and 4 nights, rang back to Australia numerous times. My friend used a major telco’s roaming and ended up spending $300. I love the product.

    by Jasmin F

  • Easy

    Easy to set up, easy to top-up, easy to use, great rates.

    by John on Mar-08-2018

  • Very user friendly

    Very user friendly, economic & efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend TravelSIM to any age group - I'm in my 70's & found it easy.

    by Brenda on Mar-02-2018

  • I would recommend to everyone

    The SIM card worked exactly as described as did the top up and credit available facility. A perfectly painlessly experience that I would recommend to everyone

    by Warwick on Feb-23-2018

  • Right information

    Whenever I made mistakes the texts came through with just the right information.

    by Michael on Feb-21-2018

  • So easy

    Love having free text messages between my daughter and I when we are both overseas. So easy to keep in contact with each other.

    by Theresa on Feb-14-2018

  • Thank you

    Customer service was amazing and very helpful calling before the trip to make sure we were all ready to go.

    by Julia on Feb-09-2018

  • Ease of Use and Essential for Personal Safety
    Great product so easy to use and manage. Love it and was so important for my safety in countries where safety was an issue. It provided me confidence knowing I could get coverage anywhere I was.
    By Rod on Jan-30-2018
  • Great value for money!

    Simplicity, great coverage in many countries. Free TravelSIM to TravelSIM SMS. Pricing is easy to understand. Prompt customer response by their support team. Excellent !! Value for money. Highly recommended.

    By Shrim on Jan-29-18

  • My Overseas Travelling Companion!

    Simple to Use. Have found their support service first class. Great coverage and easy to navigate app. I have used this service for a number of years now and will continue to do so when travelling. Good product TravelSIM!!

    By Peter S on Jan-13-2018

  • Keeping in touch is easy and affordable

    TravelSIM is an easy and affordable way to keep in touch wherever you travel around the world. There is no chance of getting a horror mobile charge when you get home.

    By Gavin W on Dec-23-2017

  • Great value and simple to use

    Great SIM for Spain, France, Italy and UK (for us that's where our trip took us) and this SIM was so easy to use and affordable. Easy to recharge. Simple to use - just exchanged SIMs when out of OZ.

    By Sally B on Dec-12-2017

  • Would not travel without TravelSIM

    I have used TravelSIM for a number of years and would not travel overseas without it. I was in Hong Kong recently and had to contact Shanghai. I had no problems and the rates were good.

    By Bryan N on 25-Oct-2017

  • Perfect travel mate

    TravelSIM was great! Was able to receive and make important phone calls during my trip and cost was very reasonable. Have been using it for several years now. It's the perfect travel mate.

    By Rose F on 23-Oct-2017

  • TravelSimply and stay in touch

    Simple, easy to setup, easy to use. No matter where we have traveled, Europe, UK, Ireland Greece Italy Hawaii we have never had a problem calling local or international numbers.

    By Renners on 06-Oct-2017

  • Great Product & Service

    I am a regular TravelSIM customer & travel often to many overseas countries. Always receive excellent product support & advice from the TravelSIM team. Great coverage & very reasonable rates.

    By Kevin F on 06-May-1

  • Easy to use and effective

    Not only is TravelSIM user friendly, but they also have a helpful, and friendly, support profile. Automatic transition from country to country. Very reasonable charges throughout. All in all, a great product! 

    By Bill on 17-April-17

  • Travel SIM for many years

    I have used the Travel SIM for many years and in many countries. It has always been reliable in terms of coverage. I have not even been inclined to consider other products.

    By Mark B on 16-Apr-2017

  • Great Travel SIM

    This worked so well for me and I visited many countries on this trip. Previously I have had so much trouble with other phone systems. Now I will be confident when overseas, I will always have a TravelSIM with me.

    By Leslie T on 07-Apr-17

  • Wouldn't travel without it

    Have hvad TravelSIM for a long time & have always been satisfied. Travel extensively overseas & always use it, mainly for SMS. No chance of getting "caught" with international roaming.

    By Wendy on 12-Mar-2017

  • No hassle SIM

    This is a no hassle sim which is easy to use. It covers multiple countries therefore no need for constantly changing sims. The app is easy to use and customer service is great to help you get set up if needed. Recommended.

    By Angel K on 04-Mar-2017

  • Always there when you need it the most

    TravelSIM is always there when you need it for calls, text or for data. It has an app for your easy use of TravelSIM services! Could not want any better ;).

    By Argo J on 12-Jan-2017

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