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How to use your phone to find tourist attractions in cities 

Find tourist attractions on TravelSIM phone

Our phones are our constant companions at home and when travelling they have many uses beyond keeping friends and family updated with your latest travel experiences.

When visiting a new town or city the unfamiliar can be unsettling, but by uploading a few handy apps before you leave home, the uncertainty associated with travelling is lessened.

Best Transport Apps

Google Maps will provide you with general information, but the free Citymapper app (Android / Apple and the Web) helps you navigate around big cities.

Citymapper provides real time information (like delays or disruption alerts) and helps you find the best connections as you’re travelling around the cities listed below* Citymapper gives all transport options and provides information on the best route across a city’s complex public transport network.

Travel guides

Lonely Planet guides are comprehensive and easy to use. Upload the free Guides by Lonely Planet app and you will have up to date information on destinations without the need to carry the books.  This app allows you to store maps offline, allowing you to access them when there is no data connection.

*City Mapper Coverage:
USA/CANADA: New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Baltimore, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal.
ASIA: Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo.
AUSTRALIA: Sydney, Melbourne.
EUROPE: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels / Belgium, Amsterdam / Randstad, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Moscow, St Petersburg.
LATIN AMERICA: Mexico City, São Paulo.

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