The New iPhone 8 – A Traveller’s Review

iPhone 8 - A travellers Review

You would not want to leave home for an overseas holiday without the convenience of a smart phone.

Not only will you have the safety of being able to contact anyone at any time, you will also be able to access your email & booking documents, make use of mapping websites and look up local attractions, restaurants or places to stay.

One of the newest kids on the handset block is the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 for travellers

With the inclusion of a glass back, this handset can be wireless charged, no need to worry about leaving your charging cord behind in the hotel room.

This phone takes amazing photos, leave your heavy camera at home because this handset has the newest image processor and will record your holiday pics expertly. If you choose the 8 Plus model, you’ll get a dual camera, which allows an optical zoom and portrait mode – an in-focus image in the foreground with a blurred background, ‘expert level selfies’.

Worth noting is; the stereo speakers are 25% louder, so handsfree calls are much easier to hear.

The ‘find my phone’ feature on all modern Apple phones, means you’ll be able to track your phone if you leave it in a café or art gallery.

So, don’t take your old handset overseas, take a modern one and leave the camera at home.

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