3 European Cities that are Better in Winter

TravelSIM Winter Holidays

Looking to have yourself a winter adventure? Checkout our favourite European cities to visit during the winter months.


Prague in the winter time is an actual winter wonderland. In fact, Saint Nick is rumoured to have set up his workshop in the Czech Republic and perhaps he has been using the North Pole as a cheeky escape from all the Paparazzi in Prague.

There is nothing quite as stunning as the old time architecture of Prague sprinkled with snow (if you are ever so lucky). While in the city there are old fashioned wood toys, trinkets, jewellery and an array of gifts for sale, however, what will impress you the most about the Old Town is the immense selection of local food. Including, ginger bread, old-style pastries and cured meats – and last but not least; the best mulled wine in all of Europe.

Also, just a little tip if you are getting a bit too cold; hot chocolate in Prague cannot compare to any other.

Prague in Winter - TravelSIM TravelSIM Winter Holidays


Everybody knows that the French capital is stunning when it rains. And boy when the city of lights starts to sparkle when that rain falls from the skies, you will feel that love is in the air. Especially with 125 squares and streets lit up for the joyful season.

If anything, the quieter, softer streets and public areas means that Paris is far better to visit in the winter time as you avoid the rush of tourists sweeping through the paths looking and taking selfies with all the local attractions. Such as: The Lourve, Notre-Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe and of course the Eiffel Tower.

Paris in Winter - TravelSIM Paris in Winter - TravelSIM


Although London has a bad reputation during winter time with rain and snowstorms and ‘did I say’ rain! London is not that bad in the cold season at all. In fact around December and early January the average temperature is 7 degrees, so with a good coat, gloves and a beanie, you will have a magnificent time in London during winter.

Although snow is cold, in London, it is stunningly beautiful. Especially during one of London’s famous Christmas celebrations, comprising of; carol concerts, ice-skating, plus Christmas market places, festive theatre and of course, Christmas lights.

The lights during the festive season all throughout London are particularly astonishing.

London in Winter - TravelSIMLondon in Winter - TravelSIM


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