Travelling with Kids

Travelling with Kids - TravelSIM

Travelling with Kids

We all know that travel is full of adventure, exploring new places and cultures, indulging in the food, and making new friends for a day, or a lifetime, are all a part of that adventure. Add Kids and you have suddenly created a whole new level of adventure. Yes, it’s challenging, but so rewarding when you see their faces lit with excitement, even if it is just to see Big Ben which you talked up the night before.

The one thing children have in common is that need for variety. Don’t we all. None of us want to hear the “I’m bored!” whine, so the trick is to keep it interesting.

Travelling with Kids- Tablet - TravelSIM

The Trusty Tablet

The handiest tool in keeping the trip interesting is to utilise your trusty tablet. Apps, games, and videos are a travelling parents best friend and there are apps galore that are fun and entertaining but also educational. We live in an age of technology constantly changing and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Whether streaming their favourite show or movie, gaming or communicating with friends back home, there is no limit to what you can pack into your tablet.

Travelling with Kids - TravelSIM

Kids Activities

The other wonderful thing about travel today is that the adult can still visit their list and keep the kids entertained at the same time. It’s rare to find landmarks, galleries, and museums without a variety of options for entertaining and educating the kids. Did you know The Met in NY have designed a kids’ interactive website? Imagine using this with the little ones to map your day, begin exploring with them and you will, not only have fun, but learn as well.  I’ll be honest, I love reading the plaques designed for the kids, they hold fascinating titbits. One gallery had me counting the number of animals in a painting. I loved it!

Keeping Connected

One important item when travelling as a family is to know you are connected to each other and the world.  Having free SMS between TravelSIMs helps keep that connection, giving security and economy.

With a little bit of planning you can keep kids entertained for hours. The abundance of fun kid friendly events available around the world is staggering. By working to entertain the kids, you end up being thoroughly entertained yourself.

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