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Keep safe with our international travel security tips

TravelSIMs Top International Travel Security Tips

Headed overseas soon? Check out TravelSIM’s top travel security tips below to find out how you can keep yourself and your devices safe when you travel.

Make copies

Copy the important travel documents that you will be taking with you such as booking confirmations and passport. Ensure you’re covered for any situation by having digital versions stored in the cloud as well as hard copies. It’s also a good idea to leave copies with a trusted friend or family member back at home.

Device finders

Install a device finder on your smartphone in case it become lost or stolen on your travels. This will allow you to track it down if possible, or remotely protect your data by wiping the device.

Password strength

Improve your password strength! Like many people you probably have an abundance of logins and passwords, and may have sacrificed password strength for convenience or the ability to remember them all easily. Before you leave, ensure any logins you will be using while travelling are strong. Additionally set up touch-ID on your smartphone, as it’s very easy to spy on someone entering a pass code.

Avoid public computers

One of our most important travel security tips is to never use public computers for anything important or that requires you to enter in personal details. Computers in public areas such as cafes and hotels can be loaded with malware and key loggers. You’re always better off using your own devices when you travel.

Beware unsafe WiFi

Public WiFi is insecure and should be used only with caution. Anyone can potentially see what you’re doing on your device while you’re connected and steal your information. While free WiFi can be handy for a simple Google search, never use it for important online activities such as internet banking, shopping or entering login details, unless you are using a VPN.

Use a VPN

A VPN will allow you to mask your IP and encrypt data sent over your connection. If you really want to use public WiFi when you travel, we recommend using the WorldiFi app, as it allows you too easily find and connect to the world largest WiFi network and has a built in VPN service you can utilise for secure internet access. Learn more about VPN and WorldiFi here.

Travel safer with a TravelSIM

Taking a TravelSIM on your next holiday will ensure you keep connected and stay safer when you travel. Enjoy the peace of mind of being able to make a call in an emergency or search important information online, all without it costing you a fortune. Free texts between TravelSIM numbers allow you to keep in constant contact with fellow travellers, even when you run out of credit. You can learn more about TravelSIM here, or by visiting travelsim.net.au.

Thanks for checking out our top travel security tips and remember to stay safe on your next adventure.

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