How Mobile Data Makes Travel Better

Mobile data makes European travel better

Overseas holidays are more enjoyable with access to good value, reliable data. Data allows you to navigate new streets, check out reviews, use social media apps, catch up with friends and family back home, make reservations and so much more. Read on to find out how mobile data can make travel better for you.

Navigate New Streets

Having access to maps and navigation in a foreign country is invaluable, especially walking maps, these ensure you can find your way back to the hotel. They can also help plan out your day by optimising routes and itineraries. Many online maps also have the added benefit of being integrated with local public transport timetables and routes.

Check Reviews

Being able to check reviews before booking a restaurant and purchasing tickets online, all safeguard your holiday experience by ensuring you dine in style and beat the crowds. Sites such as Tripadvisor are a popular choice for travel reviews which can help guide your choices in regards in all things travel. Google Reviews, Facebook and specialty sites such as Yelp (restaurant reviews) can also be helpful when making your travel decisions.

Trevi Fountain Selfie

Access Social Media

In this social media obsessed world, we want to be able to post that picture of us in front of the Trevi fountain, as soon as we take it. Mobile data ensures we can do this and that your friends and family at home will be green with envy. Access to social media whenever you want can also help pass the time by providing entertainment when encountered with some of the more mundane aspects of travel, such as waiting for flights or long overland journeys.

Catch Up with Friends and Family

Mobile data also allows you to communicate via messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. These can be particularly handy when messaging multiple people or groups as the message is only sent and charged once. You can also use VoIP (using the internet for voice calls) services such as Skype to talk in person. Be sure to check out our guide on the best messaging apps when you travel for more information and app recommendations.

European Data

Here at TravelSIM we understand the importance of mobile data when you travel and the benefits it provides. This is why we have been working hard on creating brand new European Data Packs that will save customer over 90% on data rates throughout Europe. If you want to keep connected and save on your upcoming European summer adventure, we highly recommend you check out the new data packs.  You can recharge online and by calling us 24/7 on 1300 851 676 within Australia or +61 2 8668 7500 internationally or from your TravelSIM service.

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