Why you need to be travelling with a smartphone

Travelling with a Smartphone - TravelSIM

Making the most of your trip

Travelling abroad soon? Are you taking a smartphone? You should be if you want to make the most of your trip. Ensure you take advantage of all the benefits of travelling with a smartphone by checking guide below.

Its more than just a phone 

Yes, it will make phone calls and send texts just like your old ‘brick’ phone. Though smartphones provide so many other benefits. These days they also act like compact computers and allow you to:

  • Browse the internet
  • Take quality images and videos
  • Store travel itineraries, important documents, booking confirmations
  • Access email and other messaging services.
  • Catch up on social media
  • Access maps and navigational tools
  • Provide access to a huge array of apps and entertainment.

Travelling with a smartphone allows you to easily share your photos with others

The essential apps for travelling with a smartphone

There are thousands of apps out there that will help you get the most out of your travels so we won’t go into them all but a few essential ones we recommend include:

Google Translate

A great app for on the go translation with 103 languages and handy features such as camera mode to quickly translate text.
iOS & Android 

Xe Currency

Xe is the premier currency converter and while many of its features are oriented towards business, the simple to use interface, ability to convert any currency in the world and offline conversion make it a must for any traveller.
iOS & Android


Can’t decide what activity to do or which restaurant to go to? Let previous traveller’s experiences guide you towards the best activities to do in your area and allow you to avoid the bad. TripAdvisor has over 350 million reviews so you can find the best airfare, hotels, restaurants and activities to do on your holiday.
iOS & Android 


Perhaps a little pre-travel orientated, though Airbnb is a great app for finding interesting and unique accommodation for those spontaneous situations or longer trips.
iOS & Android


Want to get around easily, safely and for less? Why not give Uber a shot? Uber drivers are vetted, work on a rating system from previous trips and booking is done through the company’s app making it a lot safer than just jumping in a passing taxi. A list of all cities Uber operates in can be found here.
iOS & Android


Google Maps is a great mapping app, though if you are not careful it can end up wasting your data. We always recommended an offline mapping app such as Maps.Me that will allow you to pre-download the required maps and save your data while you’re out navigating. The TravelSIM app has Map.Me built into it for added convenience.
iOS & Android

TravelSIM App 

With advanced intelligent dialling, the TravelSIM app takes all the guess work out of international calling and texting. Never worry about tricky country codes again as the app automatically inserts them for you. Anyone can use the TravelSIM app, though TravelSIM customers can also use it manage their account anywhere in the world.
iOS & Android

Travelling with a smartphone can make your trip more enjoyable

 It’s cheaper than ever!

With great value data packs already available and upcoming changes in Europe set to bring the prices even lower, using data to enhance your holiday has never been easier or cheaper. So make sure you get the most from your trip this European summer and ensure your travelling with a smartphone.

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