7 Phone tips for Travellers

Travelling overseas can be daunting, especially for budding jetsetters. So it’s comforting to know we have a phone on hand to not only communicate with loved ones back home, but to help us navigate from A to B, translate the world around us and journal our adventure for an epic collection of bragging rights when it’s all over. So to get you ready for your upcoming trip here are 7 phone tips for travellers to use overseas.

1. Get to know your apps.

Apps are an essential part of using a smartphone, but some can chew up a lot of data without you knowing. Before heading overseas, go through an application cull. Anything that doesn’t need to be there, simply delete.This will insure they don’t try and use data in the background as well as clear up value phone memory. Alternatively, you can go into your phone’s settings and disable the apps data access. With a little research you’ll find there are some data free alternatives for most applications in your app store.

Google translate

2. Google Translate is a lifesaver

If you’re travelling to a foreign country and didn’t have time to brush up on the native language, download a translation app. There are a few options on the app stores, though I recommend Google Translate (iOS and Android) as its easy to use, can translate up to 103 languages and has an array of handy features. The camera mode feature is particularly useful as it allows you to use your camera to quickly translate text on the fly.

Offline mapping

3. Offline mapping is amazing

Applications like Google Maps can use a lot of data when roaming so I recommend going with an offline option instead, such as Maps.Me. It can help you get from A to B all the same, though wont cost you a cent. Just remember to download all the maps for the countries you’re visiting before you go or while using free Wi-Fi. If you have the handy TravelSIM app (iOS and Android), Maps.Me is an inbuilt feature under the locations menu.

4. Journal apps

Journal apps are multipurpose. They help document all the adventures you’ve had but they are also great to help you keep up to date with your trip and save other personal details such as passport information, plane tickets and accommodation details. If you’re an avid traveller and are after a premium option, Day 1 (iOS only) is a popular option and comes with a full suite of features. Penzu is also another popular option, its available for iOS and Android and is free to download.

7 phone tips for travellers

5. Clear some space on your phone

You can always tell your friends about how you climbed a mountain on the back of an alpaca. But showing them a picture is better. Before leaving, make sure you clear some space on your phone so you can photo document everything. If your new to mobile photography, be sure to checkout our blog on How to achieve the perfect travel photos on your holiday.

6. Back up your phone

Let’s be real for a second. Recording yourself going down a roller coaster drop on your phone is probably not the smartest idea. Neither is traveling without backing up your phone. So back up your phone before you leave, this way, if you loose your phone then you haven’t lost all your important stuff. However, I still wouldn’t recommend recording while on a roller coaster.

Eiffel tower - Look up and enjoy the moment

7. Don’t be glued to your screen!

Remember, you’re overseas. Probably standing right in front of the Eiffel Tower. Look up and enjoy the moment.


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