How to Achieve Perfect Travel Photos on Your Holiday

Beautiful locations, cultural experiences, festivities, landmarks and history are few of the many reasons why we travel. Not only are the experiences themselves memorable, but encapsulating your holiday and bringing back perfect travel photos that enable us to reminisce and share the diverse beauty of the world with others.

You don’t have to be a professional to learn how to capture the alternate looks of various landscapes. Even the simplest techniques can be used from the touch of a button on your phone allowing you to convey the spirit of a place in just a few minutes.


First of all, positioning is key in capturing the perfect photo. You want to make sure you are leveling the photos so that you don’t end up going home with uneven pictures. Hold your phone and really look at the picture and what you are trying to grasp from it. Photographing from different angles will allow you to narrow down what you are aiming to take away from the picture.

Achieving Perfect Travel Photos


Downloading and using photo editing apps are important for changing the lighting compositions to achieve a greater, more enhanced photo. Even from direct photo sharing apps such as Instagram, you are able to change the contrast, highlights, shadows, exposure and much more, to achieve an improved look. A few suggested Apps to download that are free and allow you to alter many aspects of your pictures, include; VSCO Cam, Filterstorm Neue, Mextures (allowing you to apply textures, grains and light leaks for a more creative touch), and TouchRetouch.


Changing things such as the contrast, highlights and shadows of a photo can majorly impact a photo. With a dark photo, changing the shadow range and exposure can adjust the lighting, giving a more distinct look that isn’t as dark and unnoticeable.

Incorporating these few simple changes in adjusting your picture setting, and the lighting features through the recommended apps provided will allow you to achieve beautifully aesthetic and memorable pictures for you, your friends and family.

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