7 easy ways to save on your next holiday

Ah a Holiday,  when I think of that word it makes me relaxed, think of good times and new experiences and maybe even do a little dance.

My upcoming holiday has been planned for a while and I can’t wait (literally I WANT TO GO NOW) or sometimes a holiday can be spontaneous and you just pack your bag and off you go.

Holidays are designed to have the best times, the unplanned adventures that lead to new experiences, relaxation, sharing with loved ones, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

But (you felt that coming didn’t you) all that adventure does come at a cost, but (again) with good planning, management and a bit of imagination, you won’t be required to be working long hours or selling your prized cat to make the journey.

1. Name the date

Once the location has been decided, it is also important to know the best time to go to your dream destination. Travelling in off peak times can save you a bunch of cash and will often allow you to indulge more than if you had travelled during the busy season.

2. Altogether now

Depending on where you have decided to travel to, think about incorporating the trip with family members or a group of friends.

3. Quick spin around the block

A holiday doesn’t have to be any certain time, if your budget cannot fit an overseas trip why not try a cruise up the coast or an overnighter at a B&B.

4.Search, Search, do the research

There are just so many options out there for you,  heaps of travel websites and you always see the ads on the TV for awesome deals. So do your research and look around and get your bargain holiday today. (Sorry that last sentence sounded like a Flight Centre ad)

5. Bundle it up

Further to all the options out there, lots of travel companies will have partnerships with particular hotels and resorts which include heaps of inclusive value. Anything from a free brekkie to a day tour, again check it out and see what extra value you can squeeze in.

6. It’s a dollar here but what about there

Check out the currency exchange, keep an eye on the conversion of your spending money to try get the best value in conversion.

7. Save Save Save

Some of us have the great skill of being able to “put it away for a rainy day.” The question is, how bad do you want to the holiday? No matter how much fertiliser you put on it, money trees don’t exist so be committed to save for your dream destination.


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