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5 ways to increase your battery life while travelling

There’s many more ways than ‘power save mode’ to get that extra juice out of your phone’s battery when you travel. Here’s how to get the most out of your device, without losing the functionality that caters to your travel experience.

1. Ready > set-tings > go

Let’s kick off with the basics! Firstly, dimming your phone’s brightness is one of the best things you can do to preserve battery life.  What’s more, turning off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS when you’re not using them will help your phone go that extra mile.

2. Background apps

Make sure your previously used apps have been closed, sometimes they’ll remain active and refreshing in the background of your device.

3. Wear a watch

We’re all guilty of this one! By hitting the home key to read the time, you’re turning on the display with can over time drain your phone battery. Wearing a watch for time keeping sake will help you reserve battery. Alternatively, turn your screen display time or auto lock setting to the lowest time possible.

4. The cloud can wait

Many newer devices will back up your photos and other content to cloud services, this is great in case you happen to lose your device. However, this syncing can chew up a fair bit of data when you’re roaming and use precious battery life while uploading. We suggested turning off your cloud service until you’re back at your hotel, this way you can plug your phone in to charge and save data by backing everything up with the hotel Wi-Fi.

5. Power on the go

There’s thousands of power banks and power cases available for smartphones, some which can even draw solar power! These are great to have on hand.

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