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Have Yourself a Techy Little Christmas

It’s December again, that time of year when you get out your pen and notepad and write a letter to Santa about how good you have been and what you would like to see under the Christmas tree (or is that just me?)

Now that we live in a digital world, the ole pen and paper are somewhat a distant memory of communication as we now have the option to text Santa our wish-list instead.

While I’m not the most tech savvy person in the world, I do love a gadget, a toy, something new to play with and learn to use to make my life that much “easier”  or even just to say “yeah I have one of those!”

Here are some of the cool and trending tech gift ideas to consider asking Santa for this year or if you are feeling generous, to buy for a loved one (as long as they let you use it.)


One of the highest trending tech gadgets at the moment. Featuring all-day activity tracking, sleep tracking and reminders to move, the newest trackers offer stylish design options that can be the start of a fitness revolution.



Gone are the days of the old CASIO digital watch with a stopwatch, this is more than just a watch, it will keep you connected, measure your health and workouts and make it hard for you to ever run late again.



Waterproof, Bluetooth speakers which are easy to mount are a must-have this Christmas. A great present for those that need a backing singer or just to drown out the noise!



Become the Big Brother of your home 24/7. Another way to make your home feel secure even when you’re away.



Credit cards are now embedded with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips which make it easy to tap or wave your credit card when making payments. It also means that they may be susceptible to be scanned by unauthorised RFID readers. These clever sleeves are made from smart material that protects personal information stored in your credit from electronic pickpocketing.


Now having any of these items would be super cool.   Right?

The last thing you want is a new tech gadget that you bought to make your friend’s/family’s life so much easier to turn into a Christmas present disaster.

So some things to consider are:

  • Will this gift be practicable or will it end up in a garage sale/gumtree/eBay just after New Year’s?
  • Is this gift or its maintenance affordable?
  • Do you or the person receiving the gadget have a genuine interest in it?

And most importantly, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Whether finding the right price, the best brand or getting other people’s experiences with the product, make sure you are fully informed before making your purchase. Face it, you’re not buying a set of placemats or a 12 pack of toilet rolls.

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