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7 Tips for Travelling at Christmas

T’was the flight before Christmas


Visiting loved ones overseas, chasing the dream of a white Christmas or simply just getting away from the heat? Whatever the reason, it’s easy to be prepared when travelling during the Christmas period.


Here are our top tips for stress-free travel over the holiday season.


  1. Be like Santa Claus and make a list

Are your travel documents up-to-date? Make your travel check lists and check them twice. You don’t want to present an expired passport at airport check-in.  Worse, realise it is sitting at home on the bedside table.  Did you know that some countries require visitors to carry passports with at least six months validity beyond their planned stay or entry may be refused?


  1. Be a smart Traveller

Register your travel and contact details online with before you travel. The registration information you provide is protected by Australia’s strict privacy laws.  Smartraveller also has some great info and travel advice on your destination.


  1. Notify your bank

Some banks have locks on international payments so that your credit card may not be accepted overseas.  It’s a good idea to notify your bank of your travel intentions so that your credit card is as ready to travel as you are.


  1. Check in online

There are some airlines that will allow you to check in and receive your boarding pass direct to your phone. Most airlines even have the ability to scan your phone without having to print out paperwork.


  1. Pay attention to the Departure Board

Flights can change quickly. You may find yourself scrambling for the gate and binning the coffee you just bought.  Check for updates regularly.


  1. Remember to pack the phone charger and adaptors

It’s a good idea to enter any contact details and emergency numbers into your phone prior to travel.  You’ll need your phone an adaptor and your TravelSIM to make the most of your trip!


  1. Don’t forget the Presents

During the Christmas period, it’s best to pack the presents in your hand luggage to avoid that horrible possibility of lost luggage.  It’s a good idea not to wrap them until you get to your destination in case they need to be available for inspection.


From the TravelSIM Crew we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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