Top 10 Travel Mishaps

Booking accommodation without reading reviews

Don’t believe everything you see online, this includes hotel photos! Sometimes photos listed are not a good representation of the place at all, they may be outdated, or of a premium suite when what you’re actually booking is a budget room. The only real way to be sure, is by reading reviews from previous guests.

 Not knowing local etiquette

A ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ goes a long way, but there’s often many other expectations and interpretations of your behaviour in other countries.  For example, some places expect a tip for all services, and eating with your hands may be found offensive. It’s best to do your research before mingling with the locals.

 Not Getting insurance

This is something some travellers chose to skip out on, however it’s something that should be given more thought. I mean no one plans to fall sick, miss their flights or have their baggage lost or stolen, do they now?  One small mishap can ruin an entire holiday; make sure that doesn’t happen to you.


Tourists make prime targets for pickpockets and robbers, so be sure to secure your valuables and cash. There’s a number of theft-proof products available, we recommend investing in these, after all better safe than sorry.

Weather expectations

No matter where you go, the seasons are bound to change. Be sure to cover all bases when it comes to packing for your trip, chances are unplanned activities will end up on the agenda too.

Get immersed, not lost

We’re all for getting off the beaten path and exploring your place of travel, however we do encourage that you have a means to getting back to base! Be sure to have a map or your smartphone on you for GPS directions.

Not keeping documentation

The sad reality is reservations get lost, so upon booking print them out and save them within a folder in your emails for quick reference.

Losing your passport

This is every traveller’s nightmare! As a just in case measure, it’s worth taking photocopies of your passport and stowing them in different baggage. Doing this will make the reissuing process much easier.

Not backing up photos

Photos are the best way to capture the memories we make overseas, however your phone or camera could be a broken, lost or stolen! Be sure to back photos up on another device or use your hotel Wi-Fi to upload them to a private online hosting service.  This way if anything does happen, you won’t lose those invaluable moments.

Bill Shock

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the exciting details of your trip and forget about the obvious things like your mobile phone.  Be sure to check out your options to ensure you have coverage where you’re going and that rates aren’t ridiculously expensive.

It’s also important to turn off push notifications and automatic updates. These can burn through your international data allowance faster than you can say ‘bon voyage!’

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