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10 Things I learned travelling the world

TravelSIM’s CEO Jamien Zimmermann is an avid traveller, and for the company’s 10th birthday he’s sharing his top 10 travel tips based on years of jet-setting experience.

Get to the airport early

Missing a flight or having trouble upon check-in can put a real downer on your trip. Save yourself the stress of a last minute rush and board by arriving to the airport early. What’s more, you may be able to scope out a better seating arrangement before boarding if the flights not at capacity.

Entertain yourself

Do not rely on in-flight entertainment for your long-haul flights! Have a good think about what genres of e-books, TV shows, movies and podcasts you like to catch up on and load up your devices with media before you go.  This will also kill time in airport lounges with longer stop over times.

Have cash and card

Many countries expect tipping for services, so it’s always good to have money on you. It’s also worthwhile carrying cash as a just in case measure.  There’s always the possibility that you may lose your card while on holiday which isn’t an easy thing to resolve in a foreign country.  Also, be sure to let your bank know the dates you’ll be travelling, if they don’t know they many block your card as international usage can be flagged as unusual activity.

Do your research

Don’t come back from a trip away wishing you had seen more, do your research about the city you’re in and make a list of activities and sites you’d like to see before you go.

Get up at day break

Different time zones and long periods of travel will result in jetlag for most. No matter where you are, set your clocks from the moment you touch down and get up at day break. Don’t break routine, if you go to the gym first thing in the morning, keep at it, within a couple of days you’ll be well adjusted rather than spending the entirety of your trip fatigued.

Don’t live out of a suitcase

You’re probably going to be tired when you first check-in to your hotel, but don’t live from a suit case! Unpack your clothes and hang them straight away. It’s a real time saver not having to scrounge around looking for outfits and having to iron everything before wear.

Speak to a local

Don’t rely on online reviews and tourist guides, speak to a local and get a real feel for what’s about your local area. It’s the best way to find out about worthwhile entertainment and best places to eat, you’ll definitely discover hidden gems that other tourists are not across.

Download smartphone apps

Download smartphone apps to help with your trip, depending on where you’re heading these may be translation apps, tipping guides, mapping and transport related.  There are thousands of apps available to make your trip much easier. TravelSIM released a new and improved app earlier this year, it helps with offline mapping, makes international dialling easy and allows you to share your location with family and friends.

Use Uber

Don’t worry yourself with carrying cash for taxis or the language barrier when giving directions, Uber directly charges to your nominated account and you can input your destination address through the app before requesting to be picked up.

Pack smart

Take time to plan your packing for both the climate and activities you have planned. Last minute packing will only lead to you forgetting some essentials and throwing in items you’ll never wear or use.  If it’s a tight fit, try rolling your clothes as this will prevent them from getting crushed and help you fit more in.

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