10 Years of TravelSIM

This October, TravelSIM is celebrating 10 years of keeping travellers connected while overseas! It’s a huge milestone for the company, founded in 2006 and built from the ground up.

TravelSIM CEO Jamien Zimmermann identified the need for an affordable international roaming service for Australian travellers, while working in corporate sales for large telecommunications companies. The new millennium saw growing numbers of travellers heading overseas, and a huge up-take in people using mobiles and other devices to stay connected. Jamien applied his sales and technical background in communications to fill this gap and TravelSIM was born. In the past 10 years, over 350,000 travellers have roamed the world using TravelSIM.

Early days saw Jamien playing a hands-on role across all aspects of the organisation, including handling TravelSIM customer support. Ten years on, with a busy schedule, Jamien is across all areas of the business, regularly engaging with the customer service team and partners alike.

TravelSIM has continued to evolve over the years, not only making travel better for customers, but supporting the core products of some leading Australian brands. To-date the company has established partnerships with a range of businesses, from local travel agencies through to larger currency exchange franchises and travel insurance companies.

Understanding that smartphones have become the ultimate travel companion, TravelSIM completed a major product development update in April of this year. While still offering competitive prepaid rates in over 190 countries across the world, the SIM, which fits all devices, now includes features and benefits such as simple zoned rates, a more affordable retail price, an Australian mobile number, great value data packs and an app for offline mapping, account access and easy international dialling, all backed by amazing customer service.

Today, the hardworking team of TravelSIM resides in the sunny Gold Coast. It’s home to customer service representatives who are on-hand to assist customers 24/7, a dedicated management and administrative team, and a dynamic crew of in-house marketers.

No other SIM comes close in offering an easy, smart and safe prepaid option like TravelSIM. What’s more, the company has a very exciting announcement later this year, which will prove to be a real game changer to international travel. We’ll keep you posted, more information coming soon!

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