Best 4 ways to use your smartphone overseas

Check out our great tips on how to transform your everyday smartphone into the ultimate travel companion. To ensure you’re good to go, enable data with these steps here.

Navigate new streets

For some of us, the most daunting part about travelling is getting lost somewhere far away from home. Depending on your destination, getting directions from English speaking locals can also be a mission. Not to worry, this is where your smartphone comes into play! Use Google Maps to find your way around and view other visitor’s reviews on places. Keep in mind, using data to find your way around isn’t the most cost-effective way to navigate. TravelSIM solves this issue with its free app offering users offline mapping! Maps are installed through Wi-Fi before you leave and you can find your way around data-free.

Remove the language barrier with translation

Don’t rely strictly on your guidebook, if you want to get immersed in the culture and take your experience to the next level – ask the locals. If it’s hard to find someone speaking English, try a translation app. There’s plenty out there which can convert spoken language as well as translate your written text out loud.

Make bookings

It’s easy to get carried away with pre-booking an itinerary before you touch down, but our advice is to hold off and decide once you arrive. Use your phone to search local deals, make dinner reservations and book show tickets as opportunities come up.

Tackle public transport

Trams, trains, buses or taxis, you name it – your smartphone has got you covered. Just download a transport app or do a quick web search to view timetables and routes for public transport. What’s more, services like Uber work all around the world.  This will allow you to enter your pick up location and destination through the app so that miscommunication isn’t an issue.


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