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Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Holiday mode, it happens to the best of us! In that exciting time leading up to your next overseas adventure, it’s very easy to forget a thing or two.  To help, we’ve put together a list of the most common travel mistakes to avoid.


When you’re looking forward to touching down in your holiday destination, airport stopovers can be a bit of a buzzkill. However, it’s worth considering a bit of a time buffer between exchanges. Delays and cancellations are completely out of your control and may lead to you missing your connecting flight.


Be sure to grab some local currency before you head-off or while you wait at the airport. Chances are you’ll need cash for public transport from the moment you touch down, and you never know when you’ll cross that unexpected market. Also be sure to let your bank know if you’re travelling overseas, this will avoid the embarrassment of having your card declined; or even worse: cancelled, because of suspicious activity.


We all want to squeeze as many activities as we can into our overseas trips, but there’s going to come a point where something takes longer than expected or other opportunities arise. You also don’t want to come back feeling as if the whole trip was rushed, so take time off the clock to really discover what’s around you.


Be sure to cover yourself and your belongings when you travel overseas. Some domestic policies will not cover you outside of Australia, so it’s best to err on the side of caution. Don’t risk it! Lost baggage, missed flights and medical emergencies can all be costly if you’re not covered.


A surprising number of travellers forget to consider the costs of using their mobile phone overseas. Using your usual phone plan can potentially result in a large roaming bill – something no traveller wants upon returning home. Instead of risking high charges, or paying a daily rate to roam, why not opt for a reliable and affordable prepaid option?  TravelSIM provides data, calls and text in over 190 countries, and texting TravelSIM to TravelSIM is free! Find out more here.

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