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How to travel as a couple

They say travelling with your significant other will make or break your relationship. Never mind cohabiting, fighting over the TV or meeting each other’s weird families – it’s those three weeks in dodgy Asian hostels that will truly test the foundations of your love. Here’s how to make travelling as a couple work.

Be realistic

Before you set off on your great big adventure, have a chat to your partner about what you expect from the trip. If he’s into hardcore, not-covered-in-your-insurance adventure activities and you’re dying to lie on a beach with a masseuse at the ready and a margarita in hand, you may both need to realign your expectations.

Take time off

When it’s just the two of you, it’s easy to close yourself off from socialising with other travellers, particularly if you’re eschewing budget hostels in favour of more comfortable and private rooms. But half of the fun of exploring a new destination is meeting new people, so don’t miss out on opportunities to mingle with both locals and fellow travellers. Join up to a few group tours, take the time to chat to local shopkeepers and tour guides. Your relationship will be stronger for it and you may even make a new Facebook friend!

Consider your budgets

Married couples fight about money more than any other subject, and this is particularly true when travelling, even if you’re not married. Unless you’re an heir to a large fortune or run your own booming business, it’s likely that your budget will always be in the back of your mind as you gallivant from country to country. Make sure you’re in sync when it comes to what you want to spend and how you think you’ll spend it, whether that means splurging on accommodation and saving on food, or throwing caution to the wind and running your credit card down to the limit. As long as you’re both in the same mindset, you’ll save yourself countless arguments.

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