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Top tips to see Europe on a budget

Because, who doesn’t have Europe on their bucket list?

Take it slowly

If you have the time to see Europe from a different perspective just take it slowly and travel by bike or train. Travelling by bike is not only good for your budget but your health also. Many European cities such as Amsterdam and London have bikes readily available for tourists to cycle their way around the streets. If you’re able to plan your Europe trip well in advance you can also save a bundle by booking cross country train trips ahead of time. Check out Rail Europe for prices and train routes. You could even consider taking the night train you’ll save even further and wont need to worry about wasting and precious daylight hours on travelling from city to city. National Rail is a great app that you can download with train timings and live updates for travel around the U.K.

Checkout Airbnb

Sleep cheap and save your money for the more important things! Airbnb boast great low prices on accommodation and oftentimes will give you a more authentic cultural experience than staying in a hotel. Download the app so that you can check out listings on the go and find the quaintest stay directly from your phone.

Equip your devices

Download these great money saving travel apps! Vouchercloud is one great app to download for U.K. travel. The app will generate a selection of local offers based on your location. Deals such as two for one lunch vouchers and entertainment discounts from the site are great ways to save on your travels.

Trail Wallet is another great app that will help you keep on top of your budget as you log all of your travel expenses into this easy-to-use program. At the end of the day, week or month you can check your spend to see how your going compared to your budget. If you happen to be over budget the app will calculate where you are spending most of your money so that you can cut back if needed.

Avoid bill-shock

Check out TravelSIM for great rates on data, calls and texts to keep you connected while you’re travelling. Being prepaid, taking a TravelSIM with you overseas will ensure that you don’t come home to any nasty bill-shock!

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