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Wisdom that will transform your travel

“Don’t be a tourist, be a traveller”. Anyone can be a tourist- just jump on the next jam-packed tour bus full of foreign enthusiasts. It takes someone with real wanderlust to be traveller. Someone to take the less beaten path, someone to get lost in foreign culture.

Not everyone is born a traveller, but anyone can become one. And once you do, we guarantee you won’t ever travel the same again. We’ve comprised a perfect list of travel wisdom that will transform your travel from mediocre tour bus trips to awe-inspiring cultural endeavours that will stay with you for life.

Get lost

Most of us spend our time trying not to get lost- whether that be at home or on the road, but when you’re travelling it’s the best thing you can do. Just get utterly lost, relax, chat to the locals- you’ll find the most magical places this way. You may find yourself wandering foreign streets for longer than you expected but that can sometimes lead to the best experiences. It’s when you get lost that you find the most inspiring parts of cities. That small local café that’s hidden from tourists and boasts the best French pastries or that small farming town in Switzerland with the most magical views probably won’t be found on your average tour map. The most memorable places are those less travelled, those that you can say you found on your own – these are the places that will stay with you for life and wriggle their way into every party conversation.

Buy a memory book while you’re there

Don’t opt for your average travel journal where you circle the weather type and pop in a quick recount of what you did that day, where you were and what date it was. You’re a traveller now, you need somewhere to let your thoughts run rampant, something that you can keep and show the grandkids in 20 years. Buy a book from a foreign city (this makes it even more meaningful) fill it with all of your thoughts, daily activities, bus tickets, train tickets, even receipts from your favourite restaurants. Fill it with everything! Don’t be restricted by journals that only give you one page per day, go crazy, record everything and if you fill the book in your first week send it home and buy a new one!

Leave time to change your mind

Don’t jam-pack your itinerary so full that you don’t have space for a change of plans. We understand how exciting it is to begin planning your overseas adventures but be sure not to over plan. You’ll thank yourself for it once you get there. Leave yourself room to stay an extra night in that quaint Greek town or spend an extra hour wandering endlessly through the streets of Venice. Just leave yourself enough time between tour bookings and dinner reservations to change your mind and stay a little longer or chat to the locals.

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