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Top 4 travel safety tips

Check out our top 4 tips to keep you safe while travelling overseas.

1. Register with Smart Traveller

This may seem like obvious advice but it’s something that just can’t be overlooked when considering how to stay safe while travelling. You can jump on the site before you leave, register your details and check out any safety information that is relevant to the countries your headed to. Register your travel plans so that if there are any issues in your country of travel the government will be able to help you out accordingly. You can also subscribe for country updates and official bulletins to be sent to you via email.

2. Protect yourself from electronic pickpocketing

Electronic pickpocketing is becoming more common throughout major travel destination. Thieves can linger in any public place and access your personal details with nothing more than a swipe of an RFID reader. RFID card readers can pick up on the radio frequency emitted by many of our credit cards and simply snatch up your card details and personal information just by passing by you. Grab yourself an RFID card protector, it’s an affordable and simple card-size protector that will shield your details from any prying thieves.

3. Be safe with sensitive information  

Many travellers choose to use WIFI overseas to save on data costs and take advantage of free WIFI hotspots to check emails, update Facebook and make reservations. What many don’t realise is that a number of these hotspots aren’t always entirely secure, meaning that others may find access to any sensitive information that you upload via WIFI. To be safe, make sure you’re not uploading any sensitive details such credit card information online with WIFI.

Avoid giving out credit card information over the phone. Whilst it may seem like a harmless task, giving out your credit card details over the phone means that anyone could hear and quickly take note of your details to use later. To avoid this concern TravelSIM always encourages our customers to upload your credit card details securely with us before you head overseas. This way you can recharge simply and easily wherever you go without needing to worry about repeating numbers or anyone retrieving your card details.

4. Download the TravelSIM app

When purchasing TravelSIM you get access to the free TravelSIM app. With this comes location-based services which allow you to send your exact travel location to loved ones. This means, if you’re ever feeling unsure you can send your location out to let family or travel companions know exactly where you are. Alternately, you can send location updates to keep those back home up-to-date with your latest adventures and let them know your safe.

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