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Walk it out with a tour app

Make bulky travel guides a thing of the past by exploring the proliferation of walking tour apps in today’s travel market.

There are great apps to download that offer historical insights and give you local expertise each step of the way. Our top walking tour apps will have you ditching the pricey bus tour fares and mediocre city tours for a simple set of headphones and your smartphone.

Cities Talking

Cities Talking provides audio walking tours of major European destinations. Download the app and skip the crowded guided tours, you’ll receive the same type of tourist info with a little historical background and a few insider tips. The app is free to download but costs $6.99 per tour – still a lot cheaper than most tourist sightseeing trips.

Stray Boots

Stray Boots is an ordinary city walking tour turned travel adventure. Combing a scavenger hunt with historical insights and impressive city maps has made for an experience which will take your travels further.

There are more than 70 tours to choose from in 18 cities across the globe, each option is full of different challenges and is available to play whenever you like. Just download the Stray Boots app and let it guide you through your chosen city with a fun twist.

History Pin

History Pin is somewhat like a city tour app but has a fabulous twist which gives travellers a real insight into the culture and history behind their travel destinations. The app simply showcases historic images on your phone screen based on what it is seeing through your phone camera in today’s world. This quirky idea gives another depth to foreign cities and travel experiences.

The TravelSIM app also offers offline mapping which allows you to navigate foreign streets without needing access to the internet. What’s more you can check out our great rates that will help you save more when using apps like those listed above to better your travels abroad.

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