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How to use Airbnb to save when you travel

A little like finding the quaintest of all macaroon stores on a quiet corner of Paris, finding the perfect Airbnb stay really can make a great difference to your overseas expeditions.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of available spaces on the site just ready for you to check out and pine over. You can stay in anything from apartments, to houses, to boats, even shark tanks! So how can you use Airbnb to enhance your travels and save a bomb on your next overseas adventure? We’ve compiled a quick beginners guide on how to use Airbnb when you travel.

How to join

Joining Airbnb is entirely free, you can either create an account directly, sign up via your Facebook or use your Google+ account. Once you’ve logged in, just head to the homepage and search for accommodation within your desired location and timeframe.

Availability and bookings

The site will pull all of the available listings that match the requirements of your search. It’s that simple. Once you’ve found your favourite space you can either add this to your ‘wish list’, contact the host (with any questions or concerns) or go ahead and request a booking.


Airbnb is undoubtedly one of the greatest money savers for travel. You can rent a an entire one-bedroom space in Paris for as little as around $150 for 2 people per night. And if you’re really looking to save cash for the more important things (such as souvenirs and baguettes) you can rent out quaint private rooms or shared rooms within apartments (if you don’t mind sharing the kitchen facilities etc.) for even less!

This brings us to the real value of Airbnb- the experience! Staying within local communities rather than tourist filled, hotel lined streets will transform your travel experience. Get to know the local home owners and neighbours, explore lesser known streets and experience foreign cultures with an entirely new perspective with Airbnb local stays.

The handy Airbnb smartphone app allows you to search listings on the go, wherever your travels take you. To save even more, pick up a TravelSIM and enjoy great rates on data so that you can scroll endlessly through apps like Airbnb during your travels without worrying about any nasty phone bills.

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