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How to live like a local in Barcelona

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Barcelona, say yes. Always say yes. This is a city steeped in culture, with incredible architecture to explore and some of the world’s best dining and dancing experiences to lap up.

This Spanish city is so vibrant, festive and utterly mesmerising that it’s no surprise it can get rather crowded and busy at times. Escape the tourist traps and create your own memories by living the Barcelona life like a local. We’ll show you how.

To the market you shall go

Skip the grocery stores and head straight to the streets to pick up fresh ingredients and authentic Spanish food. One of our favourites is Palo Alto Market, a gorgeously hip and trendy market that’s been running since late 2014 in the Poblenou district. It’s based on the popular street market concept but has an irresistible Barcelona twist, where creativity comes alive to produce covetable food, fashion and design. Plan your visit carefully, as it only runs once a month out of a renovated 19th-century factory setting.

Eat late… Really late

The quickest way to identify yourself as a local is by eating your evening meal at a reasonable time. Locals eat their last meal of the day at around 10pm or even later, but it’s typically not the monstrous dinner you’re used to at home. Lunch is usually the biggest meal of the day while dinner might consist of a salad, light meal or even tapas and wine.

Let apps guide the way

There’s no doubt that the right app can really enhance your travel experience. In Barcelona, Paisatge will be your best friend. It helps point out hidden gems among the tourist traps, including unique walls and sights, cute and quirky shops and landscapes tucked away from the masses.

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