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Technology is continually evolving and it seems there is a new trend in tech at every turn. With more Australians choosing to traverse the globe, many tech advances have now taken a travel focus and made it easier to use your phone overseas.

There a number of apps, websites, social media sites and blogs which have been developed specifically for travellers.

We have compiled a few of our favourite travel tech trends for 2016.


TripAdvisor is one well known travel site which just can’t be overlooked. Love it or hate it this site has one of the largest collections of reviews for everything travel. The site offers travellers a real insight into which are the best (and worst) hotels, restaurants, attractions and flights by people who have first-hand experience. Definitely a must to check out and get real insider info. What’s more, you can even post your own experiences and reviews for future travellers to consider.


You could spend hours scouring the net for the cheapest travel deals available or just head straight over to Kayak and let it take care of the hard work for you. This site highlights the cheapest hotels, flights, car rentals and travel packages available. You can even explore cities across the globe by price range via their ‘world map’ option. What’s really great about this site is that it doesn’t just stop at finding you the best deals; it then predicts whether it’s best for you to buy now or wait for any expected price drops.


Somewhat like Tripadvisor, Gogobot provides you with advice from other travellers but adds an extra touch with personalised travel information and background knowledge. Just type in your destination and the site will provide you with a list of top regions and cities to visit as well as the best times to travel. What’s more, the site allows you to search for hotels, restaurants and attractions based on what sort of traveller you are- whether you’re travelling as a family, on a budget, for business or any number of reasons. Seeing personalised travel tips and deals best suited to you really delivers a whole new travel experience.

TravelSIM app

Pair these with TravelSIM’s new app which takes care of international dialling codes, gives you access to offline mapping and allows for easy account access to conveniently check your TravelSIM balance and recharge. Take these apps along with you on your next holiday to make your travels even better.

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