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Technology is changing the solo traveller experience

As our wanderlust increases and drive for international adventure grows, so too does the rise of solo travel for so many Australians.

Whether you’re backpacking across Europe as a twenty-something year old, travelling for business as a young professional or roaming the globe as a retiree, one thing is for certain- solo travel is increasing.

Technology has wiped clear the stigma associated with solo travel; making staying connected to everyone back home, meeting like-minded travellers and keeping up to date on the best sites, cuisines and attractions a breeze.

Fuel your wanderlust and checkout our favourite travel apps specifically designed for those of you flying solo.

Solo Traveller

Solo Traveller allows users to start conversations with other travellers in the area to organise anything from sightseeing, to dinner, to a shared taxi ride to the airport. The app allows you to filter through travel contacts by age, travel preferences, gender and location. Aussie founder, Troy Elmes, says the app is not only handy for those who are already travelling alone but also helps to generate confidence and motivation in those who are considering solo travel.

Tripr & Ventoura

Again, Tripr and Ventoura allow you to easily connect with other travellers across the globe, but here’s the great part – you can also chat with locals to find those hidden hotspots that are off the beaten path. Both apps allow you to input your upcoming trips, months prior to travel. The apps then notify you of other travellers and locals who will be in that area at the same time as you. This is particularly useful as you can chat with any of your contacts and get travel tips from locals before you’ve even left home.

Having TravelSIM in the palm of your hand will keep you in touch with loved ones when you travel and paired with these apps you can keep connected in a whole new way. Travel has never been so easy for those taking on global adventures solo.

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