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Translation at your fingertips!

When tripping through numerous destinations, muddling through foreign languages can be taxing on any traveller’s patience.

Luckily, life has been made easier with technology and there are now a number of apps which have been designed with this tricky communication barrier in mind.

Smartphones are a traveller’s best friend when it comes to everything from navigating foreign cities to uploading jaw dropping photos to Facebook.

Google Translate is an app that promises to help even the most monolingual of travellers converse their way across the globe.

Spoken Language Conversion 

The app has a number of handy functions with written and spoken language conversion. Recent updates allow two people to speak in separate languages and have the app simultaneously translate and play back both languages. This means that for an Australian travelling throughout France, the app will instantly translate French to English and English to French so that those travelling can indulge in conversations in real time.

Word Lens 

The app has also recently incorporated a new feature called Word Lens. This allows travellers to point their camera lens at a sign, menu or page of text and the app will automatically translate the wording into your chosen language. Whilst this is very impressive the system is not without fault, with some travellers noting that the font recognition of the app can be hindered in some instances. With patience, we believe this feature would be a great assistance to any eager traveller.

Handwritten Language Conversion

Another added benefit to this little pocket sized translator is the new handwriting feature which has been integrated to make written language translation easier than ever. The app allows travellers to quickly enter text by drawing it in and will succinctly translate into your chosen language. This feature has been described as very powerful- even the messiest of scribble can be detected as it recognises print as well as cursive!

On a traveller’s path of multiple languages and cultural diversity this effective and impressive app is a great companion for any eager adventurer. What’s more, the Google Translator app is entirely free to download. Paired with TravelSIM’s great data rates and all new data packs this app will make you feel more like a local than a tourist, and do it all without breaking the bank!

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