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The all new TravelSIM has arrived!

TravelSIM is all about making your travel experience better so you can make the most of your time abroad. We understand that to stay connected when you travel means more than just making a phone call or sending a text back home.

It’s about being able to send loved ones your location, book tours, make dinner reservations, search the web for destination recommendations and so much more. We always listen to customer feedback, and have recently made changes to the product that leave it with even greater features and benefits than before.

Staying connected is now easier

An Australian number has been introduced, so that family and friends can call you for just the price of making a local mobile call.

For those of you travelling as a group, one of the latest features that will make your travel that much easier is the free TravelSIM to TravelSIM text messaging. The SIM allows you to text your travel companions completely free of charge so you can always keep in touch.

Travel smarter with the TravelSIM app

One of our favourite new features is the improved TravelSIM app: this little add-on is packed full of some really big benefits. The app is entirely free to download and gives you access to some fantastic features such as location-based services which allow you to send your overseas location to friends and family while you’re on the road.

It also makes international dialling a breeze as it automatically inputs any international country codes so you can just call home the same way you would if you were in Australia. What’s more, the app gives you easy access to your account details and allows you to recharge directly from your handset.

The new and improved TravelSIM makes travel better, buy online for $25.

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