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Travel Photography 101: How to make your holiday photos pop

Whether you’re fond of posting images on Facebook, Instagram or Flickr, or you’re one of the few remaining people who print their photos out as hard copies to review when they get home, it goes without saying that you’re going to be taking lots of photographs on your next big trip. But how can you make your photo of the Taj Mahal look different from the thousands already out there? What are the best ways to highlight the stunning sunrise over Angkor Wat? And, most importantly, how can you ensure you get your best angle in all those selfies?

Make sure your holiday snapshots are the best they can be. Follow our simple tips to help make your travel photos pop.

Play around with your framing

When you’re taking a photo of a person or a monument, it’s natural to try and position the subject front and centre in the frame. While this is great for a shot or two, you should also take some where the subject is left or right of centre, or higher or lower in the shot. This gives you a chance to include more interesting background images and can also add an artistic touch to the shot. Plus, the more photos you take, the more likely you are to capture the perfect shot.

Take a tripod

While you may feel a little silly carting around a professional tripod on your big trip, there are plenty of compact, travel-size tripods on the market that you can stash in your backpack and pull out when you want to capture a moment. If you’re shooting anything at night or capturing any scene that requires a longer shutter speed, you’re going to want a tripod to avoid any fuzziness or excess noise.

Shoot RAW files

If you’ve got a camera that supports it, a memory card that holds plenty of storage and you’re confident behind the lens, try shooting a few of your images as RAW files. While this is best left to hobbyists and enthusiasts, it can make a huge difference when it comes time to editing your images. You’ll have a lot more processing options and there’s more to play with to help make your photo stand out from the rest.

Make the most of ‘the magic hour’

‘The magic hour’ or ‘golden hour’ is that beautiful time of day when the sun is just above the horizon, either just after sunrise or shortly before sunset. The light is softer and more ethereal, and you’re bound to capture gorgeous photos if you make the most of this special time of day. Head to somewhere outdoors for best results.

Take a spare battery

For small compact cameras, always be sure to take an extra battery with you on long journeys when you know you’ll be taking lots of photos. You can usually purchase these cheaply online and they can really save your bacon when you’re only halfway through the day and your camera dies.

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