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Things only people with chronic wanderlust will understand

Wanderlust can strike at any moment. You could be tapping away on your computer at work or cooking dinner for your housemates when all of a sudden you’re struck by a sudden urge to put down your tools, throw caution to the wind and set sail around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re already halfway through ticking off your list of 80 countries you need to visit before you die or if you’ve never set foot outside your hometown. Wanderlust can and will change your life for the better.

If you think your insane desire to travel is getting worse by the minute, you may be afflicted by chronic wanderlust. This is more than just pining for a day at the beach when you’re in the middle of winter – it’s that constant, nagging desire to pack up everything you own and explore the world immediately. If this sounds like you, here are a few things you’ll know to be true.

Holidaying vs travelling

Normal people take holidays. All you want to do is travel. You spend your trips away meeting locals, immersing yourself in culture and exploring weird and wonderful places off the paths normally beaten by tourists. You like to get to the heart of a new destination and experience it like a local would, taking public transport and staying in areas with few other tourists.

You’ve gotta go… Now

Travelling is getting increasingly accessible, which means more of us than ever are planning getaways at every time of year. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ December 2012 Overseas Arrivals and Departures figures, there was a 5.3% increase of short-term resident departures between December 2011 and December 2012. This suggests we’re more inclined to follow through with all our holiday daydreams, and with the price of flights getting cheaper by the day, it’s easy to get almost anywhere you want to go (apart from Mars. You still can’t get to Mars).

More money, more travel

Some people work to live. You work to travel. Instead of blowing all your money on the latest tech gadgets or a new pair of shoes, you’re stashing it all away in your specially marked ‘travel fund’. Not only that, but you think of the price of things in terms of travel. Is that night on the town really worth it when you could put that money towards a week in Southeast Asia?

You’ll never be satisfied

The things about wanderlust is that it’s always there. No matter how many trips you take, how many places you see and how many wonderful experiences you have, you’ll always be craving the next big adventure. Luckily, the world is packed to the brim with weird and wonderful things to discover – all you have to do is find them.

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