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Dublin nightlife: The best after-dark hotspots

There’s nowhere in the world quite like Dublin. Once you’ve gotten over the accent (trust us, it takes quite a while not to be delighted every time someone opens their mouth), the beer, the scenery and the pub-to-person ratio, you’ll likely look for the final cherry on the top of your great big Irish getaway. And that is where Dublin’s nightclubs come in. Get set to eat, drink, dance and be very, very merry at the capital city’s biggest, boldest and best nightclubs.


When you want to party all night (well, almost all night – Dublin’s licensing laws mean most establishments close up before 3:00 am), head to Rí-Rá Nightclub on Dame Street.  The downstairs area has a real party vibe, with DJs keeping tracks spinning and drink specials keeping heads spinning. Upstairs is The Globe, which is the perfect place to take five and relax away from all the hubbub. And if your Dublin trip doesn’t fall on a weekend, don’t panic. Rí-Rá knows how to kick off the week in the best possible style, hosting a regular Thank God it’s Monday party for weary workers and intrepid travelers alike.

Copper Face Jacks

Brace yourself for an authentic Irish clubbing experience when you head to Copper Face Jacks – this means drinking, dancing, singing and shouting. The hugely popular nightclub has been open for twenty years and attracts everyone from hip young things to seasoned partygoers, all on the hunt for a night to remember. The venue is spread across three impressive spaces: the main floor, premier level and nightclub, so have a peek around them all to see which takes your fancy for the night. Don’t be alarmed if a chant or song breaks out in the middle of the throbbing dancefloor – it’s just the Irish way.

Button Factory

Lovers of live music will be enchanted by Button Factory, a visually stunning music and clubbing venue in Temple Bar. Boasting an eclectic array of DJs, bands, solo artists and other live performance acts, Button Factory is the new kid on the block but its intimate atmosphere, exceptional sound quality and impressive light displays have made it a firm favourite among discerning locals and musically-inclined tourists alike.


If you’re a fan of big party anthems, chart-topping pop and R&B classics, DTWO is the place for you. The venue works overtime as a sports bar, beer garden and club, so you can pop between the three areas to get your fix of footy, flora and fabulous dancing. As many as three DJs can be playing at once in the different areas, and they’re most happy to take on your requests (no matter how embarrassing). The beer garden heats up in winter and the dance floor is pretty much guaranteed to be abuzz at any time of year, so make sure you bring your best moves, dancing shoes and a sense of adventure.

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