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Best things to see and do in Chicago

Chicago is a beautiful and diverse city featuring notable parks, museums and skyscrapers. The city’s attractions, iconic venues, and historical spots are hubs of arts and culture.


Adler Planetarium

The museum’s draws are virtual-reality trips through time and space in the Sky Theater, which features the high resolution and quality.

Brookfield Zoo

The zoo, which is home to nearly 6,000 animals, includes the Great Bear Wilderness exhibit. The 30 square meter replication of a North American habitat featuring polar bears, grizzlies, Mexican gray wolves, bison, bald eagles and ravens.

Wrigley Field

Erected in 1914, this historic stadium is open even during the off season. In the winter, guests can skate on an ice rink outside of the field.


The Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum, which has one of the largest collections of modern art in the U.S., also includes a bookstore, restaurant, movie theater and sculpture garden.

DuSable Museum of African American History

Open since 1961, the Hyde Park cultural center is now one of the oldest African-American–focused museums in the country. It features documents and artifacts from the lives of marginalised locals.

Art Institute of Chicago

The museum, which owns more than 300,000 international artworks and artifacts, even has fragments of local buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Food and drink

Green Mill

In the 1920s, this watering hole had a reputation for serving gangsters like Al Capone. Today, the bar has become a music hall featuring artists who perform bebop and free jazz.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

The most popular pizza spot is the family-owned and operated Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. They use fresh mozzarella cheese from the same dairy that supplied the pizzeria for more than 40 years.


What is a Chicago-style hot dog? An all-beef hot dog on a steamed poppyseed bun topped with yellow mustard, relish, tomato wedges, chopped onions, a pickle spear, hot peppers and celery salt. Portillo’s offers both a standard and jumbo version of the Chicago-style hot dog.

Chicago’s rich and diverse history has given it a reputation as a city for those who enjoy arts and culture. From baseball and jazz music, to hot dogs and African American history, Chicago is reflective of all things Americana.

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