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Sleep quality may be improving for travellers


In an effort to increase guests’ overall happiness, a growing number of hotels are actively seeking to improve quality of sleep. Although this may sound simple, providing comfortable mattresses and pillows, and soft sheets and blankets is a thing of the past.

Now, hotels are using top-of-the-line technology to improve their guests’ stay. The Las Vegas hospitality industry appears to be making the greatest strides, particularly the MGM Grand. The hotel recently improved lighting and furniture design with sleep-centric tech enhancements in 171 rooms so far. This includes additions such as air purification, longwave night lights, black out shades, hypoallergenic bedding, and a welcome message from world-renowned spiritual and wellness advocate, Deepak Chopra.

Noise-reducing headboards

At the Crown Plaza, headboards have been given a thoughtful approach. They are now angled, padded and placed away from the wall, which is said to cut ambient noise by 30 percent.

“Our innovative, intuitive guest room design creates a fantastic new space that will encourage them to be productive but also to rest and crucially get a great night’s sleep,” said Keith Barr, Chief Commercial Officer for InterContinental Hotels Group. “The response from guests has been outstanding. They tell us they can rest more easily and can focus more on what they need to do to be successful.”

Healthy mattresses

The MGM Grand now uses organic cotton mattresses that are built with extra posture support to help those who toss and turn all night. Their memory foam material is derived from plant extracts and certified organic essential oils. The company’s Stay Well Mobile App includes a jet lag tool, Cleveland Clinic programs and wellness tips.

Stay well dawn simulator

Also at the MGM Grand are bedside fixtures that use increasing levels of music or natural sound as well as cortisol-producing shades of blue light to gradually wake up guests. Rooms are also equipped with soft, warm LED white light to minimise disruption of natural circadian rhythms, as well as an aromatherapy scent.

Sleep Monitors

Nearly 15 years after Westin introduced its Heavenly Bed, the hotel chain is piloting a wearable sleep monitor that connects to an app. The monitor tracks movements and can analyse the cause of restlessness.

An increasing number of hospitality organisations are making great strides in sleep technology. Many of these companies are providing guests with technological tools to help improve their quality of sleep.

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