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Airport hacks to make your layover easier

Layovers can be stressful. If your time is limited, you may worry about missing the connecting flight. When you have hours to spend in-between flights, boredom can become overwhelming. Here are a few tips to make layovers easier to handle and less stressful.

Check-in ahead of time

By checking in 24 hours ahead of your flight, you can bypass lines at check-in counters and increase your chances of getting a better seat.

Take a smartphone picture of your luggage

It’s easy to lose luggage during layovers when baggage moves from plane to plane. In case it does go missing, take a smartphone picture so you can help identify it later.

Get a free luggage cart

If you’re carrying heavy bags, a luggage cart is helpful. However, they sometimes cost an exorbitant amount to rent for a short period of time. in order to bypass this process, look for just-used carts in the transportation/pick-up area.

Bring an empty plastic water bottle

Because you can’t bring liquids past security, carry an empty plastic water bottle and refill it once you’re inside. Collapsible bottles are the best since they take up less room.

Carry cable ties and an outlet splitter

Cable ties provide you with insurance that your bags won’t accidentally open during the flight. it also provides an extra level of security that could prevent ill-intentioned baggage handlers from going through your belongings.

Outlet splitters are also useful, as there typically are not enough outlets at each gate.

Snag free WiFi

Instead of paying for WiFi, or trying to sneak into a VIP lounge, try sitting just outside the front door. The WiFi signal should be strong enough within the club area to extend just past the entrance.

If this doesn’t work, plan ahead and get yourself a mobile data plan while you’re abroad. It’s much cheaper than paying those roaming fees, and it will help you keep busy during your layover (whether you can snag that free wifi or not).

Use the MyTSA and GateGuru apps

If you travel to the U.S., try the MyTSA app, which helps find the shortest security lines. GateGuru is another useful app, which connects you to the best restaurants and activities in nearby concourses.
Layovers don’t have to be stressful or boring. By using a few simple tips and tricks, such as bringing an empty water bottle, travelers can make the most of their time and money.

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