6 best apps to find the cheapest flights

Use these apps to make travel cheaper and easier.

Finding a cheap flight shouldn’t be the hardest part of planning your trip. In fact, there are a growing number of apps that are designed to help you find budget flights, leaving you more time to daydream about your itinerary. Finding reasonably priced airfare is now just a few clicks away on a smartphone. Here are our favourites and why we like them.


  1. SkyScanner

SkyScanner, which is perhaps the most popular budget travel app, scans major airlines’ websites as well as online travel agencies – like Expedia or Priceline – for the lowest fares. You can search by date, destination or time, or use broader search functions. SkyScanner will also let you know if it’s cheaper to book one-way tickets on separate airlines or a round-trip with one carrier.

  1. Hopper

Hopper, the free app that gives users an overview of when to get the best deals on flights, also tells you the best time to purchase them. The app uses daily flight prices to provide users with as much as 40 percent off their flights. When using the search function for a particular route, the app shows you the lowest price available, whether you should purchase now or wait, and the latest date to book tickets. Hopper also lets you know when prices drop and go up.

  1. Kayak

For those who are locked into certain dates for travel, Kayak provides specials from websites such as Orbitz and Travelocity, in addition to its own deals. Flights are listed in order from least to most expensive, and includes the number of seats available. The app, which allows you to book flights through the app, also has listings for rental cars and hotels.

  1. Hipmunk

Hipmunk is best for those who crave convenience. The app organizes apps by “agony,” which is a combination of cost and total travel time. Users will be able to see how long travel will take, compare takeoff times, and see costs per each leg of the trip. The app’s multi-day searching feature also lets users search a small range of dates for departure and arrival to find the best deal during a travel window.

  1. Skypicker

This Czech Republic-based startup promises users a discount of up to 90 percent. The app uses a ticket-buying algorithm to find cheaper, hidden flights by searching connections with rival airlines. Skypicker scrapes flight data from other travel sites and works with 150 airlines.

  1. Next Flight

Although this app is not technically for finding strictly cheap flights, it could be useful for all travelers. Next Flight provides travelers whose flights have been cancelled, delayed or missed with a list of all available flights, including those on different airlines, for the same day. The app also provides users with information on hotels, cabs, and car rentals.

Finding cheap airfare is no longer a labor intensive task. Now, apps that use algorithms to show users inexpensive flights, also provide travelers with information on rental cars, hotels and other pertinent resources.

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