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Copenhagen: The best European capital you haven’t visited yet

Although London and Paris are on most people’s lists of European cities to see, many smaller and less-visited locales offer just as many big city benefits without the crowds and prices. For example, the Danish capital of Copenhagen provides travellers with a rich cultural heritage, an interesting modern culture and many unexpected surprises.

Bike City

Copenhagen is an excellent city for physically fit travellers, as it has a rich bike culture. In fact, only 29 percent of households in the Danish capital own a car, and there are more bikes than people.

The bike culture is also somewhat representative of the other aspects of Copenhageners. Many prefer biking because it is convenient, healthy, climate-friendly, and inexpensive. Even politicians ride their bike to parliament.

Obviously, travelers are not bringing a bike with their carry on. However, many hotels in Copenhagen provide bicycles for their guests. Additionally, there are numerous bike rental shops and bike tours, plus the city has new electric bikes that visitors can rent for a low cost per hour.

Michelin-starred restaurants

Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2015 has given a total of 18 stars to 15 restaurants in Copenhagen, which is the highest number ever. The three restaurants holding two stars include noma, Geranium and AOC.

Copenhagen is home to noma, which was voted the Best Restaurant in the World in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 by British Restaurant Magazine. It also has two stars in Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2015. Reservations must be made several months in advance, as it is well know as one of the world’s best gastronomic experiences.

AOC is known for creating an ultimate sensory experience. The restaurant is said to stimulate sight, smell, sound and taste – definitely worth a visit!


The city has something to offer everyone. From dance clubs to beer bars, discos and pubs, Copenhagen’s nightlife is as rich as any other European city. Copenhagen is known for it’s beer as well as it’s music venues. Vega, one of Europe’s most popular music clubs, hosts more than 250 concerts a year.

Those who are looking for a more low-key experience will appreciate visiting a bodega, a traditional Danish pub. Bodegas, which are typically inhabited by locals, students and hipsters, are best known for their cheap beer and old-time atmosphere.

Appreciators of jazz and blues won’t be left out. Mojo Blues Bar is one of the only venues in Europe where you can hear live blues every night of the week. Additionally, the city has an annual jazz festival, and many bars and venues play this genre.


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