Save 90% on European Data Rates

    Save 90% on European Data

    Make the most of your next European holiday with reliable data at great rates.  Our European Data Packs offer savings of 90% on our already low standard data rates throughout Europe.

    We know how important data is to travellers: discover new activities, make reservations, check out reviews, communicate with friends and family and access maps.  Stay connected and save on your upcoming European summer adventure.
    European Data Packs

    Benefits of Mobile Data in Europe

    Low-cost Messaging

    Use mobile data to communicate online with others for a fraction of the cost per message compared to standard SMS when using apps such as Facebook Messenger and Whats App. Messaging using mobile data will also allow you to send images using your TravelSIM.


    Access maps to help you navigate new streets in a foreign country and travel with confidence knowing you you’ll never get lost again. Plan out your day by optimising routes and itineraries. Many online maps also have the added benefit of being integrated with local public transport timetables and routes.

    Browse the Internet

    Use your mobile to check reviews, make travel bookings, discover new activities, catch up with the news back at home and so much more. Mobile data is also more secure then using free public Wi-Fi hot spots when you travel and is essential if you are looking to access private information online such as banking or accounts with credit cards attached.

    Use Data to Make Calls

    With services such as Skype, Viber and Facebook Messenger, you can call using mobile data and save on roaming costs compared to standard call rates. This is particularly useful when travelling in Europe as the maximum European Data Pack rate of 2.5c per MB is 90% less than the standard corresponding country rate.

    Access Social Media

    Mobile data allows you to update posts or checkout your favourite social apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat while you’re out and about. Even waiting for flights or long journeys across countries and continents can be made more enjoyable with social media to help pass the time.

    TravelSIM Double Packs Available


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