Call Rates

I want to see rates in the following currency:


How to use these lists

Cost to make Calls

  • Find the country you are calling from. Note the rate in the Make Call column. This is Rate A.
  • Find the country you are calling. Note the rate in the Extra Charge column. This is Rate B.
  • Rate A + Rate B = Cost to make a call

Cost to Receive Calls

  • The cost to receive a call is the rate details in the 'Receive Call' column of whatever country you are in when you receive the call.


  • SMS costs are in the SMS column. Note: the cost to receive an SMS is Free.
  • SMS charges are quoted per 160 characters.
  • SMS messages are charged per 160 characters.
  • *TravelSMS is sending an SMS from the TravelSIM menu in your phone.

Additional Information

  • Your SIM will be debited by the USD rate.
  • Rates are charged in one minute blocks.
  • There is no flag-fall or connection charge.
  • There is no extra charge for calling mobiles.

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