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TravelSIM Launches Data Service in New Zealand 14th October 2013

Australian residents travelling to New Zealand can now access the internet and remain connected via their mobile phone or tablet, thanks to the expansion of TravelSIM’s data service to include New Zealand.

Previously, data services were not available for TravelSIM customers crossing the Tasman, resulting in a lost opportunity, as outlined by TravelSIM General Manager, Wade Heggie.

“As travellers, Australians are data-hungry. We love to remain connected, whether it be sharing stories with loved ones via Facebook, uploading photos of your trip, checking emails or even to explore local events and festivities”, Heggie explained. “Whatever it may be, our expansion of data services to include New Zealand allows our customers to remain connected to the people, information or services that they want when they travel overseas.”

TravelSIM’s recent Daily Data Limit feature also provides Australian travellers with an added layer of control and comfort over their data spend, strengthening the company’s offering.

“We are very proud about the release of our Daily Data Limits,” noted Heggie. “All too often do we hear about everyday Australian travellers being stung with exorbitant global data roaming charges. Our Daily Data Limits make this a thing of the past by allowing customers to set a limit on how much they wish to spend on data per day. Once they reach their daily limit, data is turned off until the following day or unless reset by the user.”

TravelSIM’s data services are available in New Zealand effective immediately. More information, including data rates, can be found at

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