Is my handset locked? How do I check?

In many instances, mobile handsets are purchased "locked" to a provider. This means that your handset will work only with your mobile network provider's SIM and will not accept any other SIM cards.

To use the TravelSIM you will need to have an unlocked handset.

How do I know if my handset is locked?

The best way to check if your handset is locked is to insert the TravelSIM into your phone.  If your phone is locked it will not recognize the TravelSIM and you will get a message such as:

·         Insert SIM

·         SIM not valid

·         Please insert correct sim

·         Enter subsidy code

·         Other similar messages

·         No Service/SOS only – try doing a network search first or call us on 1300 851 676 to ensure that phone is locked.


What do I do If my handset is locked?

If your phone is locked, please contact your service provider and request your phone to be unlocked.

Please note only your service provider can unlock your phone and TravelSIM does not provide unlocking services.


If your phone is locked to Telstra then:

-       Contact Telstra’s over the phone unlocking service on 125 8880 (from Telstra mobiles only) or 1300 720 179; or

-       If you have an iPhone that is locked to Telstra then you can unlock online by going to


If your phone is locked to Vodafone:

-       Go to;jsessionid=2614E039CE0019996AD79CDEDEBE7F49?method=selectService

-       If you have an iPhone:


If your phone is locked to Optus:

-       Go to

-       If you have an iPhone then call 1300 075 395 and follow the instructions.



Updated: Thursday 24th November 2016

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