Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I call?

    Dial with the app:

    To call or text from the app, dial like you normally would and let the app take care of the rest.

    From your handset:

    To make calls or send texts from your keypad you will need to dial in full international format. 

    To call or SMS a mobile number (e.g. 0427 841 501) dial:

    + 61 427 841 501


      country code

    mobile number without the leading zero




    To call a landline (fixed) number (e.g. 02 8668 7500) dial:

    + 61 2 8668 7500


      country code

    area code without the leading zero

    landline number





  2. What is TravelSIM?

    TravelSIM is a prepaid international SIM card that makes travel better. We provide great rates on data, calls and texts in more than 190 countries.

    But we also know that travel is about more than cost - it's about the experience. So we help make your experience easy, smart and safe.

    Should you need it, our Australian-based customer support is available around the clock. Our free smartphone app means you're always in control, with instant access to check your balance and recharge. Plus, our great value data packs provide extra savings while you travel.

    We've been helping travellers stay connected for nearly 10 years, and we'd love to help you too.

  3. How does TravelSIM work?

    The new TravelSIM lets you use your phone abroad the same way you would do at home - without thinking. Activate your TravelSIM before you leave, make a few settings changes and step off the plane with confidence knowing you have full access to data, voice and text in the palm of your hand.

    What's even better, with TravelSIM you'll get a new Australian mobile number which means that friends and family can contact you anywhere in the world for the price of making a local mobile call.

  4. What are the benefits of TravelSIM?

    TravelSIM keeps you connected while travelling with prepaid peace of mind knowing you won't blow your budget on a huge phone bill.

    What's more, if you ever need us, we're here for you 24/7 with our Australian-based customer support team.

    Plus, you can download our free TravelSIM app to check your balance and recharge - along with added benefits which make international dialling a breeze, give you access to offline mapping, and allow you to keep loved ones up-to-date on your location.

    TravelSIM is the easy and affordable option for travellers to keep connected with data, calls and texts while away from home.

  5. What are the TravelSIM rates?

    TravelSIM offers great prepaid rates in more than 190 countries, starting at $0.25 / minute for calls, $0.25 / text message and $0.25 / MB for data.

    For further information, visit our rates page.

    European data packs are also available and save you over 90% on data with rates from $0.02 / MB.

    Learn more about data packs

  6. Where does TravelSIM work?

    We offer coverage in all major destinations - over 190 countries around the world as well as selected cruise ships and airlines.

    For a complete list of destinations and rates, click here.

  7. Will TravelSIM work in my mobile phone and/or tablet?

    TravelSIM is a TRI SIM which means it will work in any unlocked device and fits all phones and tablets.

    If you are not using a smartphone and are travelling to the USA, Japan, South Korea or the Americas, we recommend checking the compatibility of your device with your country of travel.

    You can use our Compatibility Tool to confirm that your device will work in all of your travel destinations.

  8. What is my TravelSIM Number?

    Your TravelSIM number will be the number that starts with either 0488, 0489 or 372.

    If your number starts with 0488 or 0489 you can find your TravelSIM number: 

    • Online on your account after selecting "My Sims"
    • After activation the number will appear on screen as well as get emailed to you

    If your number starts with 372 you can find your TravelSIM number:

    • On the back of the starter kit under the right hand bar code
    • On The SIM card Sleeve
    • On the SIM card itself. Located in the top left hand corner it will say Tel:+372...
  9. How do my friends and family in Australia call me?

    If Friends and Family want to contact you and they are calling from Australia, they need to call your number as if they are calling a mobile phone in Australia.


    0489 999 999

                                   Dial TravelSIM from Australia like this.




    Remember, your TravelSIM is charged to receive calls.

  10. How do friends and family outside Australia call me?

    If Friends and Family want to contact you and they are outside of Australia, they need to call your number including the international code.


    + 61 489 999 999


      country code

    mobile number without the leading zero




    Remember, your TravelSIM is charged to receive calls.

  11. How do I add credit while I'm travelling?

    We've made it quick and easy to recharge while you're travelling so you can make the most of your trip. Simply register your credit card details with us before you leave and travel worry-free knowing this information is entirely secure and on-hand to easily and safely recharge whenever you wish.

    We have a number of recharge options for you to add credit wherever and whenever you like.

    • Using our FREE TravelSIM app to recharge directly from your handset - the easiest option
    • Adding credit via our website
    • Texting 'RECHARGE' to +61 427 841 501, to automatically add $25 credit
    • Calling our 24/7 Australian-based Customer Support Team on 1300 851 676
  12. How long does my credit last?

    TravelSIM credit lasts six months from your last recharge. However, we understand that your next trip might be a little longer away. Therefore, if you wish to save any unused credit from your time abroad you can simply recharge within six months and your credit will roll over for another six months.

    What's more, we'll remind you when your credit is due to expire so you can recharge if you wish to keep your credit rolling over.

    If you are purchasing a data pack, these are valid for 30 days from activation. This means they are valid 30 days from when you first connect to an eligiible network overseas. 

  13. Can I access the internet with my TravelSIM?

    Yes, TravelSIM provides you with data, calls and text. You can use data to access the internet from anywhere your phone has service. This enhances your travel experience and means you can use the internet while travelling to check your emails, update Facebook, browse the web and so much more. 

    European data packs are now available and save you over 90% on data with rates from $0.02 / MB. 

    Learn more about data packs

  14. How does delivery work?

    FREE express delivery is available for all purchases made online! Order before 3pm AEST and your order will be delivered the next business day for Metros Areas (and in the next 3 business days for all other areas).

  15. Where else can I buy TravelSIM?

    If you'd rather pick up a TravelSIM in person, check out our retailer list to find a store closest to you.

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