Voicemail is an answering machine that responds to incoming calls when you are unable or do not wish to answer.

Voicemail main possibilities:

  • Record messages;
  •  ­Listen to messages;
  • Administer Voicemail (changing user name and greetings).
  • NEW: Voicemail to email!

Before using Voicemail, you may need to setup your mobile phone to the tone dialling mode. Check the manual of your phone for details.

Before checking of your Voicemail:

1.       Make sure you have the TravelSIM card inserted in to your mobile phone.

2.       Turn on the phone.

3.       Make sure the TravelSIM network coverage is available.

NEW: Voicemail to Email!

You can now have your voicemail messages automatically forwarded as email attachments to your email address!

Simply give us a call on 1300 851 676 to set this up.

Activating your Voicemail

1.       Dial 091 from your handset.

2.       Press Call button and you will see Voicemail is active; displayed on the screen.

Listening to Voicemail messages

1.       To access Voicemail please dial: 095 (for old handsets please dial: *146*095#)

2.       Press Call button and you will see “Wait for call” displayed on the screen.

3.       In a few seconds you will receive a call, just answer the phone regularly.

4.       You will hear how many messages you have.

5.       Now you are in the main menu of your Voicemail.

6.       Press 1. All messages will be played.

Voicemail main menu options

1.       Press * Help

2.       Press 0 Mailbox options

3.       Press 1 Listen messages

4.       Press 2 Change folder

5.       Press 3 Advanced options

6.       Press # Exit

Options while listening to messages

 You might want to hear, save or delete some message again.

1.       Press * Help

2.       Press 1 to listen to the message

3.       Press 2 to change folder

4.       Press 3 to enter advanced options submenu

5.       Press 5 to listen again

6.       Press 6 to listen to next message

7.       Press 7 to delete*/undelete the message

8.       Press 8 to forward the message.

9.       Press 9 to save the message

10.   Press 0 to return to mailbox options

11.   Press # Exit

Hint:  Delete your old messages regularly, so that your voice mail is not overfilled.

Change folder

 During saving messages you may choose a folder where it is stored.

 Using “change folder” option you can access to messages stored in various folders.

 Next options are available:

1.       Press * Help

2.       Press 0 view message

3.       Press 1 Old message

4.       Press 2 Word message

5.       Press 3 Family message

6.       Press 4 Friend message

7.       Press # Exit 

Configuring Voicemail

Press 0 when you are in main menu

Now you have accessed “mailbox options” menu and next options are available:

1.       Press * Help

2.       Press 1 to record unavailable message

3.       Press 2 to record busy message

4.       Press 3 to record your name

5.       Press 4 to record your temporary greeting

6.       Press 5 to change password.

7.       Press # Exit

Recording your unavailable or busy messages

When recording your unavailable or busy messages, your name or temporary greeting messages, next options are available:

  • Press 1 to accept record
  • Press 2 to listen to the record
  • Press 3 to record once more

Change password

If you have an external number for accessing to your Voicemail a password is an additional security measure.

Select a password combination that is easy to remember, but difficult to guess.

Advanced options

Press 3 when you are in the main menu. Now you have accessed “advanced options” menu. 

 You’ll have next options available:

  • Press 5 to leave a message for another user
  • Press * to return to main menu


In a country that's free to receive calls? You can access Voicemail for just $0.30 USD per minute. Otherwise, standard rates apply.

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