Toll Free Service

How can someone call me on my TravelSIM?

They can call you directly on your TravelSIM number or they can use the TravelSIM Toll Free Service:


  • From Australia simply dial 1800 076 442 from any landline or from a mobile (carrier charges may apply)
  • You will hear a recorded message asking you to enter the TravelSIM number you are trying to call
  • Enter the TravelSIM number starting with 372 (do not enter the + sign or exit code) followed by the # key
  • The call will then be connected

Please note:  While it is free for the caller to call (from a landline), the TravelSIM holder will receive a surcharge* of US$0.21/minute to receive a call from the Toll Fee Service.

* Surcharge means an additional charge to any charge there may be to receive calls for the country the TravelSIM is in at the time of the call.

Toll Free Service Numbers

TravelSIM also offers Toll Free Services from a number of other countries.  For details please see our full list of Toll Free numbers.

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