How to Dial International Numbers

Need to know how to dial international numbers when using your TravelSIM overseas?

The TravelSIM app makes dialling easier

Effortless communication is just one touch away, with no tricky country codes and no international dialling.Cant remember where the + goes or when to drop the 0? The TravelSIM app eliminates this unnecessary guesswork and gives you more time to enjoy your holidays.

Simply enter the number you wish to call and the app takes care of the rest.

Click here for more information and to download the TravelSIm app.

Not using the app?

If you are not using the TravelSIM app you must always dial the full international number, no matter where you are calling from or where you are calling to. When calling someone in the same country as you, always dial as though you are calling from outside the country.

Please follow the guides below for calling mobile and landline numbers when not suing the TravelSIM app.

How to call Landline (fixed) numbers

  • + (plus sign)
  • Country code
  • Area code (removing the leading zero*)
  • Local phone number

* In Italy when calling landline numbers, do not remove the leading zero of the area code

Example:  To call this Australian landline number from your TravelSIM:  02 8668 7500 you would dial:  +61 2 8668 7500

How to call Mobile (cellular) numbers

  • + (plus sign)
  • Country code
  • Mobile phone number (removing the leading zero)

Example:  To call this Australian mobile number from your TravelSIM:  0427 671 760 you would dial:  +61 427 671 760

Hint:  Write down the numbers you may want to call when you are travelling.

Tip:  Try to call your landline at home, just don’t answer the call and there is no charge.

Country Codes

See our Country Codes page for a full list of country codes.

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