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Want to find out more about how TravelSIM works? See our frequently asked questions below to learn more. You can jump directly to a topic which is relevant to you via the list below. If your question is not here or if you have a specific request, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Q:
    Will TravelSIM work with my mobile phone / handset?


    TravelSIM is designed to work with all mobile phone handsets; very few mobile phones will not work with TravelSIM at all.

    Helpful handset tips every traveller should know:

  2. Q:
    Where can I buy TravelSIM?

    • Purchase from one of our many Retail Partners, find a store near you.
    • Direct from our Online shop,
    • Or call us on 1300 851 676 (International +61 2 8668 7500).
  3. Q:
    How do I call someone from my TravelSIM?


    The Golden Rule:  Always dial the full international number no matter what country you are calling from, or what country you are calling to.

    Step 1  Dial the number you wish to call in full international format.

    Step 2  Press the call button

    Step 3  In a few seconds your phone will ring

    Step 4  Answer this call

    Step 5  You will hear a recorded voice that gives your credit balance and then you will be connected to the number you called.

    Hint:  When calling someone in the same country as you, always dial as though you are calling from outside the country.

    You may also dial using the TravelSIM Menu.  This method works best for some networks (New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates).

  4. Q:
    How much can I expect to save?


    Using your normal mobile phone service provider when travelling overseas is most likely to be very expensive, however actual savings do vary widely depending on the country of travel and the type of calls made.

    Please visit our savings page to find out if TravelSIM is right for you and how much you may save.

  5. Q:
    My TravelSIM is not working, what should I do?


    If you have a problem with your service try this first:

    • Turn your phone off then on.

    Hint:  It doesn’t hurt to do this each day as this will refresh your connection with the local network.

    If turning your phone off and then back on hasn't solved your issue please see our troubleshooting tips or for further assistance or enquiries please contact us.

  6. Q:
    How can someone call me on my TravelSIM?


    There are two ways someone can call you now that you have your TravelSIM in your mobile phone…

    Hint:  The Toll Free Service is often the cheapest way for family and friends to stay in contact.

    Tip:  Send free and unlimited SMS from the TravelSIM website to any TravelSIM.

  7. Q:
    How do I Top Up / Add Credit to my TravelSIM service?


    TravelSIM is a prepaid service.  You will need to add credit to your account to make calls.

    TravelSIM offers the follow options for topping up your service:

    1. Handset Top Up is an easy and secure option to add credit.  TravelSIM recommends registering for Handset Top when you active your TravelSIM.  Log In to your account to set this up.
    2. Online Top Up is available from our online shop at anytime using credit card or Paypal.
    3. Over the Phone, just call us. Please remember to have your credit card and TravelSIM number handy.

    TravelSIM credit lasts for 6 months from last use.  This means that your credit will not expire as long as you are using the TravelSIM.

    Tip:  We recommend you make one short connected call every five months to keep your account and credit active.

  8. Q:
    Will my mobile work overseas?


    Will my mobile work in the country I am visiting? How can I work this out?

    Visit this page for good information on this topic or use our Check Compatibility tool.

  9. Q:
    Why is TravelSIM so cheap? What's the catch?


    There is a catch and this is it:

    • When you dial with TravelSIM instead of being connected to the person you are calling directly you will actually receive a call on your phone first,
    • You answer this call and you are connected through.
    • That's it!

    In most cases the delay will be no longer than you would normally get when you travel in another country and use your mobile.

    Join over 3,000,000 other users around the world who don't mind this small difference in dialling and you too can take advantage of very cheap roaming calls.

  10. Q:
    How Long Does My Credit Last?


    TravelSIM credit lasts for 6 months from last use.  This means that your credit will not expire as long as you are using the TravelSIM.

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