Divert Your Existing Number!

It is possible to divert all calls from your existing mobile service to your TravelSIM service using the TravelSIM Diversion Service (charges apply).

How does it work?

The TravelSIM Diversion Service works by using an Australian landline number, which is then mapped to the TravelSIM service.  You divert your existing mobile number to this auxiliary number.  When someone calls your existing service it will be diverted to the TravelSIM. Unfortunately SMS messages cannot be diverted to your TravelSIM, however friends and family back home can take advantage of our Free Web SMS service.

How much does the TravelSIM Diversion Service Cost?

There is a US$0.21 per minute surcharge to receive calls using the diversion service.

If an Australian landline number is used when mapping the diversion, callers may be charged by their local carrier to divert their existing number.  This is usually a low cost and in the case of mobiles may be included in the mobile plan.

Who should use the TravelSIM Diversion Service?

The Diversion Service is available if you absolutely have to keep your number for incoming calls when travelling.

Diverting your existing mobile number or office number is not always a good idea when you travel; do you want to get normal calls when you are travelling?  You may be in a very different time zone.

Most customers find it is easy to inform people who need to know of their new TravelSIM number and they can contact them directly.

Features and Benefits of the TravelSIM Diversion Service

  • Still get amazing TravelSIM rates when calling out.
  • Never miss an incoming call.
  • Keep your existing contact details.
  • You can couple the service with TravelSIM Voicemail if needed - FREE voicemail deposits.

How can I set up a TravelSIM Diversion?

Please contact us to arrange set up.  We will allocate the necessary Australian landline number and advise how to map your current contact number to your new TravelSIM Diversion Service.

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